Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Give me a CHECKUP

Hey nurse, give me a checkup, and I`ll check you out. They say an apple a day keeps the doctor away...so throw away your apples or you`ll miss out on these hot, caring nurses!

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Hot Cosplayers

The sexiest geeks you`ll ever meet. These ladies feel so sorry for all those geeky-virgins who`s only tits they`ve seen is their mothers`! Thus, these chicks dress up all scantily to let those virgins ogle and mentally feel them up. Hell, some of those virgins are actually lucky enough to fondle them! Oh my!

Monday, September 6, 2010


Everyone likes a smooth, round, apple-shaped rump. Makes you wanna grab the chick by the hips and make use of Nature`s GIFT TO MAN!!! Enjoy and admire!

The Lovely Nicole Voss

Ah, hot isnt she? Just make sure you give your hand some breaks every now and then. I mean, preferably, once every 2 days for maximum pleasure. More pics after the jump!

The Loner`s Guide

Let`s face it. Some of us are just so damn lonely that our hand is essentially our best friend. Be it your left hand, or your right hand, you can always depend on it for a `fun time.` Therefore, in honour of this, this blog will make that last friend, a damn good one. How so? With steaming, hot pics of course! Enjoy!

First things first, Tiara Lestari baby. One hot indonesian model, with lots of nudies....OOH BOY...

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